The Look Of Love

It´s sometimes funny that friends ask why I have stopped playing music or taking photographs. My reply, with a slightly confused look, is always “ I haven´t, why do you think that”? The usual reply is that they haven´t seen any posts of mine on social media.

It sometimes gets to me the immense pressure in the arts world to constantly show your work on these social media sites and be judged by the amount of likes you have. Surely the nice thing about these platforms is you have the world at your fingertips to listen, look at, like whatever you want… or even better…to see it in reality.

Anyway, back to the point (rant over). I was getting messages on my Youtube Music Channel asking why I don´t record tunes anymore, and although I have been playing a lot this year (recording and touring) I let the social media stuff slide…. but the amount of really nice comments recently has given me a new wave of energy to get going again. So thanks to all the guys who have supported these saxophone videos. I´m posting it on here because I also filmed it all myself, using Sony cameras and remotes. As usual, all edited using Logic Pro (audio) and FCPX (video).

Hope you like it , and there are lots more here !

Some of the gear used : Sony A7ii cameras Sony 50mm 1.8f lens, Sony 85mm 1.8f lens, Mac Book, Pro Logic Pro (audio editing), FCPX (video editing), AKG C3000B condenser microphone, Platinum Soprano Saxophone, Rico Jazz Mouthpiece, Rico Royal 2.5 reeds.

Sylvie Leys - Saxophonist

This last weekend I had the pleasure of being able to photograph Sylvie Leys. A French Saxophonist studying here in Valencia , at Berklee College of Music. We had only met once before, however knowing that we both share a love for the saxophone meant that we kind of had a head start on the idea of photography and things to talk about when doing the shoot. The day I get a shoot where the people want to talk about football is going to be a tricky one.

sylvie 10.jpg
sylvie 12.jpg

Sylvie is super relaxed, which makes things a lot easier, and the only real main idea was that we wanted to get a warm sunny feel to the shots. Normally this would be easy in Valencia, but I think I have lost count of the number of times we had to reschedule due to rainy, cloudy grey days. So the sun was out, everything great... until I held Sylvie´s sax while she got up onto a wall for some more shots. I got a huge wave of Saxophone envy!! Selmer balanced action tenor. I need that saxophone!!

You can check out some of Sylvie´s new music here . She also told me about some plans to record new material with a fellow Berklee student, Saxophone and Marimba . Cant wait to hear it!