Calmoso & The Black Fang @ Maig di Gras

Here are some more shots from this weekends festival, Maig di Gras . Another fantastic band (although I may be bias as I used to play with them) Calmoso & The Black Fang are a full on 9 piece hip hop band. They mix funk, jazz, latin styles into a great sound, with some cracking original tunes. Please take a look at their page and show support for original Spanish hip hop from La Plana!

Zulu Men @ Maig di Gras

It´s that time of year again , the Marg di Gras festival in Burriana, Spain. Fantastic atmosphere with amazing music, food, workshops... and its free! This year the festival brought this mega band from Madrid, Zulu Men. Loved them!! They have just released a new album so please go and check them out and show support. Very very cool stuff! So here are a few shots of the evening before my camera went out of focus due to beer and dancing.