The George Lacson Project @ La Casa De La Mar

It was really great to catch up with George last night! We met a few years ago here in Valencia where we became friends, and ended up playing some gigs together. George is a monster bassist!  Ultimate groove! So after moving back to the states a few years ago he has now returned with his band, The George Lacson Project, for a Spanish tour.

George Lacson - Bass / Cinnamon Denise - Vocals / Cliff Gordon - Tenor Sax, E.W.I and Vocals / Federico Zanetti - Keys / Kowan Turner - Drums

Last nights gig was at a place called La Casa De La Mar. A great place, with loads of stuff going on... Music, Surf School, Skate ramp, yoga, the list goes on. The guys sounded amazing and I would definatly go and check them out if you can. They are playing tonight at Las Arenas Hotel in Valencia Port. And Sunday at The Playground Art Centre. 

Im going to upload some video of the gig last night too, but in the meantime , here are a few shots from the gig. 

Update: A quick vid I put together from the very few clips I got. Sorry about the sound quailty, it´s straight from the camera and so is pretty distorted. Go and check out their real recordings to feel the full soul !!