The Look Of Love

It´s sometimes funny that friends ask why I have stopped playing music or taking photographs. My reply, with a slightly confused look, is always “ I haven´t, why do you think that”? The usual reply is that they haven´t seen any posts of mine on social media.

It sometimes gets to me the immense pressure in the arts world to constantly show your work on these social media sites and be judged by the amount of likes you have. Surely the nice thing about these platforms is you have the world at your fingertips to listen, look at, like whatever you want… or even better…to see it in reality.

Anyway, back to the point (rant over). I was getting messages on my Youtube Music Channel asking why I don´t record tunes anymore, and although I have been playing a lot this year (recording and touring) I let the social media stuff slide…. but the amount of really nice comments recently has given me a new wave of energy to get going again. So thanks to all the guys who have supported these saxophone videos. I´m posting it on here because I also filmed it all myself, using Sony cameras and remotes. As usual, all edited using Logic Pro (audio) and FCPX (video).

Hope you like it , and there are lots more here !

Some of the gear used : Sony A7ii cameras Sony 50mm 1.8f lens, Sony 85mm 1.8f lens, Mac Book, Pro Logic Pro (audio editing), FCPX (video editing), AKG C3000B condenser microphone, Platinum Soprano Saxophone, Rico Jazz Mouthpiece, Rico Royal 2.5 reeds.

Russ Van den Berg’s Trip-Bop

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of filming Russ’s new project , Trip-Bop. What a killing band! Really great writing from Russ and amazing playing from all the guys in the band. I wanted to put my camera down and get up and play. Russ has been getting back into Miles Davis from the 80´s fusion period, and you can really hear the influence in this new project. That’s not to say that this band doesn’t have its own sound ... quite the opposite! The collective of these 5 musicians really does bring a great , original feel and vibe to these new compositions. So here is a very short promo video of some of the moments from the gig. If you like what you hear, please let Russ know, or even better, buy the live album from his Band Camp page. All of this video was filmed using Sony alpha cameras , 50mm and 85mm lenses, and edited in FCPX.

Gana una sesión de fotos!/Win a free Photo Session!

Muy facil! Para gana una sesión de fotos gratis, solo tienes que adivina todos los lugares en el video (en los comentarios aqui o en Youtube) y compartir el video en un red social. Diré el ganador a finales de este mes!

To have a chance to win a free photo session, all you have to do is guess all the places shown in the video (write them in the comments here or on Youtube) and share the video on a social network. I´ll announce the winner at the end of the month!

Urban Valencia

Hi again! Heres a video Pedro Wessels put together for me, to one of my tunes off an E.P. I released a year ago called "Things To Come" . Most of you guys who know me , know Im a Saxophonist... I really like this video as it shows a lot about the city I live in, and think Pedro got the feel of my music really well! Hope you like it, you can check out the rest of the E.P. here

Pedro Wessels - Videographer

Some work from a great friend , and work mate,   Pedro Wessels . A fantastic videographer who I work with a lot! Hence why we share our facebook page  together. Allthough, when it comes to videography, Im more of a hired gun, pointing the camera and pressing record. Pedro is the guy who puts it all together and makes these fantastic edits! Here is a short he did of travels round Spain last year.

Check out his youtube channel, loads of great stuff on it!