Fantastic Negrito & KOLARS @ 16 Toneladas

This was one we wont forget! Two brilliant groups I would definitely check out if you get the chance!! Im not going to get into reviewing the bands, as I don´t think I would do them justice, I just wanted to share some shots ( Ill put some video up too when I get the chance). KOLARS describe their music as “ Desert Disco, Space Blues and Glamabilly “. Sooooooo good! Love them!

Fantastic Negrito has had a long career , and for a time left the music business. He´s back with force in the last few years, winning a Grammy in 2017 for Best Contemporary Blues Album. He describes his sound as “ black roots music for everyone” … brilliant !! If anyone says blues is dead, they obviously haven´t heard this guy! If you went to the gig, or any other gigs of theirs, let me know what you thought!

Ahhhh, almost forgot! The venue, 16 Toneladas ! Top place in Valencia, with the best sound, for the public and on stage as a musician! Really worth checking out gigs there.

Russ Van den Berg’s Trip-Bop

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of filming Russ’s new project , Trip-Bop. What a killing band! Really great writing from Russ and amazing playing from all the guys in the band. I wanted to put my camera down and get up and play. Russ has been getting back into Miles Davis from the 80´s fusion period, and you can really hear the influence in this new project. That’s not to say that this band doesn’t have its own sound ... quite the opposite! The collective of these 5 musicians really does bring a great , original feel and vibe to these new compositions. So here is a very short promo video of some of the moments from the gig. If you like what you hear, please let Russ know, or even better, buy the live album from his Band Camp page. All of this video was filmed using Sony alpha cameras , 50mm and 85mm lenses, and edited in FCPX.

The George Lacson Project @ La Casa De La Mar

It was really great to catch up with George last night! We met a few years ago here in Valencia where we became friends, and ended up playing some gigs together. George is a monster bassist!  Ultimate groove! So after moving back to the states a few years ago he has now returned with his band, The George Lacson Project, for a Spanish tour.

George Lacson - Bass / Cinnamon Denise - Vocals / Cliff Gordon - Tenor Sax, E.W.I and Vocals / Federico Zanetti - Keys / Kowan Turner - Drums

Last nights gig was at a place called La Casa De La Mar. A great place, with loads of stuff going on... Music, Surf School, Skate ramp, yoga, the list goes on. The guys sounded amazing and I would definatly go and check them out if you can. They are playing tonight at Las Arenas Hotel in Valencia Port. And Sunday at The Playground Art Centre. 

Im going to upload some video of the gig last night too, but in the meantime , here are a few shots from the gig. 

Update: A quick vid I put together from the very few clips I got. Sorry about the sound quailty, it´s straight from the camera and so is pretty distorted. Go and check out their real recordings to feel the full soul !! 

Café Del Duende

Hi again! Heres a really quick post from last night at Café Del Duende . If you don´t know this place, it´s a must see in Valencia. Its been so long since I´ve been here I feel pretty silly not to be going more often. Absolutely fantastic Flamenco Bar , with live music Thursday to Sunday. It gets packed quick, and then they have to turn people away unfortunately, so get down there early! We went down with my Mum and Dad who even ended up dancing at the end of the night! Brilliant! Great performance from Isabel Julve, Júlia Gimeno and Kike Naval.

So from a photography point of view this was really really hard. No flash allowed, very little lighting, and the back stage was covered in hanging LED lights. I did the best I could with an 85mm 1.8. (And a steady hand) Hope you like the shots, let me know what you think. Thanks.

Women In Music Berklee @ Sala Matisse

Sincerely, Women

Last Friday night we saw an advert for a Berklee Valencia event celebrating Women In Music, with the release of the compilation album on Disrupcíon Records - Sincerely, Women. The album features various artists with some absolutely outstanding music. Varied in styles, original song writing, and influences from all over the world...something for everyone! I loved all the artists!

Text taken from Women In Music site.

¨Women In Music is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition¨.

The nights performances where really great, made me want to get up and play instead of taking pictures. With very tasteful backing from various other musicians, each artist had their own sound to share, and held the audiences attention brilliantly.

The nights performances where really great, made me want to get up and play instead of taking pictures. With very tasteful backing from various other musicians, each artist had their own sound to share, and held the audiences attention brilliantly.

So here are a few shots from the night. If any of the artists find their way to this page, first of all, thank you!! But please leave any website links, iTunes, bandcamp etc in the comments so people can check out your music. Good luck with your careers and please let me know of any future gigs!

Calmoso & The Black Fang @ Maig di Gras

Here are some more shots from this weekends festival, Maig di Gras . Another fantastic band (although I may be bias as I used to play with them) Calmoso & The Black Fang are a full on 9 piece hip hop band. They mix funk, jazz, latin styles into a great sound, with some cracking original tunes. Please take a look at their page and show support for original Spanish hip hop from La Plana!

Zulu Men @ Maig di Gras

It´s that time of year again , the Marg di Gras festival in Burriana, Spain. Fantastic atmosphere with amazing music, food, workshops... and its free! This year the festival brought this mega band from Madrid, Zulu Men. Loved them!! They have just released a new album so please go and check them out and show support. Very very cool stuff! So here are a few shots of the evening before my camera went out of focus due to beer and dancing.