Sylvie Leys - Saxophonist

This last weekend I had the pleasure of being able to photograph Sylvie Leys. A French Saxophonist studying here in Valencia , at Berklee College of Music. We had only met once before, however knowing that we both share a love for the saxophone meant that we kind of had a head start on the idea of photography and things to talk about when doing the shoot. The day I get a shoot where the people want to talk about football is going to be a tricky one.

sylvie 10.jpg
sylvie 12.jpg

Sylvie is super relaxed, which makes things a lot easier, and the only real main idea was that we wanted to get a warm sunny feel to the shots. Normally this would be easy in Valencia, but I think I have lost count of the number of times we had to reschedule due to rainy, cloudy grey days. So the sun was out, everything great... until I held Sylvie´s sax while she got up onto a wall for some more shots. I got a huge wave of Saxophone envy!! Selmer balanced action tenor. I need that saxophone!!

You can check out some of Sylvie´s new music here . She also told me about some plans to record new material with a fellow Berklee student, Saxophone and Marimba . Cant wait to hear it!