Underwater Shots with GoPro 7

A few weeks ago I bought a GoPro 7, and before the tec geeks start having a go at me, I know the GoPro 8 is coming out. The 7 has way more specs and quality than I need, so thought I would get one. The original reason for getting it was that I was going on a tour , and wanted something small and easy to document backstage tom foolery and get some nice memories for me and band mates. However, coming back home I haven´t put the thing down. Absolutely love it.

So here are a few screen grabs…. not even photographs. Thats the amazing thing. You can take any frame you want straight from the video. These are from a standard 1080 HD video Im working on. Even though the thing shoots 4k, I have been using the 1080 for file size and workflow. Lots more shots to come.

UPDATE: So after a few days of being semi successful I spoke to some friends and realised I needed to try this GoPro with a “Dome”. It is from a company called Telesin, check out the pic below, and It basically houses the camera and separates the water from the lens by about 5cm…. meaning that you can get these cool half in/half out shots. So here are a few more from today, using this dome. The shots with me in where taken by Emma, Im kind of upset because they came out better than mine.


We finally got into the sea and made a short video. So here it is . Amazing times on the Costa Blanca

A short video of our sorkeling trip in Costa Blanca, Spain. All filmed on a GoPro 7

Shimayá Yoga (Claudia Sainz)

A Fantastic photo shoot with Claudia Sainz a few weeks ago in the new central parc in Valencia. Here are a few of our favourite shots. Be sure to check out her fantastic website here . A great person, amazing control, skill and peacefulness . Thanks Claudia!

Book Release - Sounds From Valencia

I´m very happy to announce my first collection of photographs to be released in printed book form! “Sounds From Valencia”. At the moment it is available in hardcover, on high quality paper. But will shortly be available in a more affordable softcover and PDF version. At the moment you can preview it at Blurb Books here, and will soon be available on Amazon too!

This collection of photographs are from my time spent in Valencia, Spain, over the past few years. Some of the artists are local musicians, some are visiting national and international artists, all captured playing at venues in this amazing city. As a musician myself, I wanted to put together a visual memory of the incredible gigs, concerts, performances and artists that I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with. Either as a musician, or as a photographer.

Fantastic Negrito & KOLARS @ 16 Toneladas

This was one we wont forget! Two brilliant groups I would definitely check out if you get the chance!! Im not going to get into reviewing the bands, as I don´t think I would do them justice, I just wanted to share some shots ( Ill put some video up too when I get the chance). KOLARS describe their music as “ Desert Disco, Space Blues and Glamabilly “. Sooooooo good! Love them!

Fantastic Negrito has had a long career , and for a time left the music business. He´s back with force in the last few years, winning a Grammy in 2017 for Best Contemporary Blues Album. He describes his sound as “ black roots music for everyone” … brilliant !! If anyone says blues is dead, they obviously haven´t heard this guy! If you went to the gig, or any other gigs of theirs, let me know what you thought!

Ahhhh, almost forgot! The venue, 16 Toneladas ! Top place in Valencia, with the best sound, for the public and on stage as a musician! Really worth checking out gigs there.